Preparing for the hunt

One of the most important parts of your hunt is rifle and riflescope selection, general saying is your riflescope should be better than your rifle. German and Austrian optics are highly recommended as well as top American brands. Most importantly your riflescope should have a thin reticle and a precisely built ballistic turret for a good shot placement. Larger lenses and illuminated reticles are important for bad weather conditions. Hunter should be practicing at 300-350 yards for Turkey/Pakistan/Europe/Mongolia and 500-550 yards for Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan. Range Practice before the hunt is more important than the hunt itself. We highly recommend a synthetic rifle with a good barrel to group well at 300 yards, for all mountain game 6.5 would be the minimum caliber no lighter than 140 grain Barnes TSX type bullets, but please look at the equipment list below for each country for specific recommendations.

All of our hunts are daily hunt where the hunters come back to a nice lodge end of each day backpack hunts are very seldom and outfitter will discuss with hunter previously.

Turkey Travel Information

Turkish Airlines has non-stop flights to Istanbul from many Countries around the world and most countries in Asia are also reached from a connecting flight via Istanbul. We will provide you with specific arrival destination details according to the hunting region we will hunt.

A tourist visa is required to enter Turkey which can simply be purchased from online website of

Our company representative will meet you at your final destination airport at the baggage claim area to help you get through customs and get required documentation completed for your rifle and ammunition. Bringing your own guns into Turkey is not a problem at all. It takes around 20-30 minutes to clear the customs and police declaration.

After clearing the customs and rifle declaration, you will be introduced to your guide and he will drive you to the hunting destination. (hotel or hunting lodge).

Before or after hunting, Turkey is a great destination for vacations and sight-seeing as well. Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Troy are some of the places to visit in Turkey. We offer private sightseeing tours in Turkey for you and your companions. Please ask us for further details regarding our private sightseeing tours.

Equipment list & flight info


Airlines require that firearms and ammunition be checked. Firearms should be securely cased and unloaded, with the ammunition in a separate container. You must advise the commercial airlines that you are traveling with firearms and ammunition. Each airline has strict restrictions as to weight and packing. Please check with the appropriate airline as to their particular regulations at least two weeks before your departure.


ADANA is our base and has an international airport. There are direct flights from many countries in the world via Istanbul or Ankara (capital city of Turkey).

Although we are not a travel agency, we can advise you on ideal flights. You or your travel agent should then proceed to book the tickets. We recommend Turkish Airlines.

Once you land in Adana airport, Wild Hunting Team will greet you with a warm welcome and your hunt begins …

Accomodation & services

Our base camps are located all over Mongolia. The total distance from camp to camp at times can be very long. Extensive distances are normally covered by good quality 4×4 vehicles and rarely by air these days. The Gobi Desert, for instance, can only be travelled by 4×4 vehicles. It is a huge area and the second biggest desert in the world. An English-speaking WH company representative will accompany you during your entire trip. Your team of hunting guides and several other camp staff will join you once you arrive at your hunt camp. Depending on road conditions, it can take 6-8 hours of travel during the day to reach hunting camp for Hangay and Gobi Argali hunting areas. There are a few villages along the way where you will stop for a brief lunch served by the company’s staff. The camp staff is hard working and friendly people. They will help you with anything you may need during your stay. For Altai Argali/ibex hunts, domestic flights from Ulaanbaatar are used to reach the nearest airport to the hunting area, afterwards a few hours driving is necessary to reach hunting camp.

The hunting camps vary depending on the area you are hunting. All are well- equipped base camp(s), and Yurts.

Most importantly, the hunter will have his own private YURT (big tent) during the hunt.

The food is the mixture of Asian and European cuisine. We always bring our own cook to hunting camps and proudly say that they can cook pretty much most client’s wish. If you like special snack foods, we recommend that you inform us what you like or bring some with you since the camp will have limited varieties of snacks. Bottled water is always available.

Sprite, Fanta, Coke, fruit juice, beer & local wine are also provided.